PM training is more important than ever before

Project management has come a long way: in the past, project managers (PMs) often came up through the ranks, learning as they progressed, and few – especially in the ICT field – had formal training.

But that’s all changed. Today, project managers are selected by companies or project offices on the strength of their project management qualifications and accreditation, their experience in a particular field and their organisational fit. There are numerous institutions offering a diverse range of courses in project management. Many of these are specialist programmes in which a student can choose a specific area to study instead of doing a three year degree that is more general.

There are many accredited training facilities in South Africa offering short courses, and the Project Management Chamber of the Services SETA has facilitated the development of various PM qualifications that include project support services and project management, right through to a Level 5 National Diploma. And it’s not only project managers that enroll for these courses: more and more companies that have a high level of project management maturity insist on staff interacting with projects, or project managers, being trained in the fundamentals of project management. Naturally, it helps when the whole team is talking the same language, and is motivated to achieve common goals.


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